West Somerset Council

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Bicknoller Parish Council
8A Quantock Grove, West Somerset, Bicknoller, TA4 4PD
Brompton Ralph Parish Council
West Somerset, Brompton Ralph, TA4 2RT
Brompton Regis Parish Council
3 Sminhays Cottages, Brendon Hill, West Somerset, Brompton Regis, TA23 0LG
Brushford Parish Council
Mr Clive Knight, 6 Musgraves, West Somerset, Brushford, TA22 9EB
Carhampton Parish Council
Alan Hemsley, 2 Hilary Close, West Somerset, Carhampton, TA24 6PQ
Clatworthy Parish Council
Rock Cottage, West Somerset, Clatworthy, TA4 2EQ
Crowcombe Parish Council
Put House, Knaplock Lane, West Somerset, Crowcombe, TA5 1JW
Cutcombe Parish Council
Nic Kemp, Old Methodist Chapel, Wheddon Cross, West Somerset, Cutcombe, TA24 7DU
Dulverton Town Council
2a Lady Street, West Somerset, Dulverton, TA22 9BZ
Dunster Parish Council
Mrs Sarah Towells, Honeymill, West Somerset, Dunster, TA4 4LX
East Quantoxhead Parish Meeting
Mr H Luttrell, The Court House, West Somerset, East Quantoxhead, TA5 1EJ
Elworthy Parish Meeting
Mr Ron Buckingham, Combe Castle, West Somerset, Elworthy, TA4 3PX
Exford Parish Council
Mrs Nicola Kemp, Old Methodist Chapel, Wheddon Cross, West Somerset, Exford, TA24 7DU
Exmoor Parish Council
Mrs Charlotte Hornsby, Hunt House, West Somerset, Exmoor, TA24 7JX
Exton Parish Council
West Somerset, West Somerset
Holford Parish Council
Hema Stanley, Coach House, 1 Alfoxton Park, West Somerset, Holford, TA5 1SG
Huish Champflower Parish Council
Dorothy Hayward, Cleeve Cottage, West Somerset, Huish Champflower, TA4 2EZ
Kilve Parish Council
Shirley Rushent, Boston Tops, Higher Hill, West Somerset, Kilve, TA5 1SR
Luccombe Parish Council
Mrs R Clements, East Luccombe Farm, West Somerset, Luccombe, TA24 8TE
Luxborough Parish Council
Jeanna Grenville, Woodmans Cottage, Higher Ponds, West Somerset, Luxborough, TA23 OSN