Mole Valley Council

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Abinger Parish Council
Beccy Anderson, 9 Spencers Road, Mole Valley, Horsham, RH12 2JQ
Betchworth Parish Council
West Cottage, The Stream, Mole Valley, Betchworth, RH3 7DS
Brockham Parish Council
Mole Valley, Brockham, RH3 7JJ
Buckland Parish Council
David Page, 13 Summerside Road, Mole Valley, Buckland, SN7 8QY
Capel Parish Council
Capel Parish Council, Capel Village Hall off Falmouth Place, Mole Valley, Capel, TN12 6RD
Charlwood Parish Council
Rose Cottage, 11 Cotmandene, Mole Valley, Charlwood, RH4 2BL
Holmwood Parish Council
27 Chandler Way, Mole Valley, Holmwood, RH5 4GA
Leigh Parish Council
Mrs Laura Mann, 7 Yew Tree Road, Mole Valley, Leigh, RH6 0DE
Mickleham Parish Council
Feena Graham, Swallows Hill, Fredley Park, Mole Valley, Mickleham, RH5 6DD
Ockley Parish Council
Lesley Fletcher, Mole Valley, Ockley
Wotton Parish Council
Jacqui Hackett, 12 Hollow Lane, Mole Valley, Wotton, RH5 6HX