Lewes Parish Councils

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Barcombe Parish Council
Upper Morgans, Shortbridge Rd, Lewes, Barcombe, TN22 3XA
Chailey Parish Council
The Reading Room, Chailey Green, Lewes, Chailey, BN8 4DA
Ditchling Parish Council
Mrs Sarah Mamoany, Ditchling Village Hall, Lewes Road, Lewes, Ditchling, BN6 8TT
East Chiltington Parish Council
Jenni Toomey, Bowling Green, Chiltington Lane, Lewes, East Chiltington, BN7 3QU
Firle Parish Council
Mr Damian Mooncie, 14 The Dock, Lewes, Firle, BN8 6NY
Glynde & Beddingham Parish Council
10 Bromley Road, Lewes, Beddingham, BN25 3ES
Hamsey Parish Council
Natalie Kinch, Beechwood Hall, Beechwood Lane, Lewes, Hamsey, BN7 3QG
Iford Parish Meeting
Iford Village Hall, Lewes, Iford, BN7 3EJ
Newhaven Town Council
Newhaven Town Council, 18 Fort Road, Lewes, Newhaven, BN9 9QE
Newick Parish Council
Emma Reece, 18 Newlands Park Way, Lewes, Newick, BN8 4PG
Peacehaven Town Council
Claire Lacey, Meridian Centre, Meridian Way, Lewes, Peacehaven, BN10 8BB
Piddinghoe Parish Council
Mr Julian Peterson, 20 Vale Road, Lewes, Piddinghoe, BN25 3EY
Plumpton Parish Council
Anita Emery, PO Box 292, Lewes, Plumpton, TN6 9FB
Ringmer Parish Council
Parish Rooms, Ringmer Academy, Lewes Road, Lewes, Ringmer, BN8 5RB
Rodmell Parish Council
Alison Stevens, 31 Banner Way, Stone Cross, Lewes, Rodmell, BN24 5FE
Seaford Town Council
James Corrigan, 37 Church St, Lewes, Seaford, BN25 1HG