Herefordshire Parish Councils

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Bodenham Parish Council
2 Brockington Road, Herefordshire, Bodenham, HR1 3LR
Bolstone Parish Council
Herefordshire, Herefordshire
Bosbury & Coddington Parish Council
Hoe Farm, Mathon Road, Herefordshire, Bosbury, WR13 6EP
Brampton Bryan Parish Council
Herefordshire, Brampton Bryan, SY7 0DH
Bredwardine and Brobury Parish Council
Mrs Alison Wright, Lane Cottage, Herefordshire, Bredwardine, HR3 6BZ
Breinton Parish Council
18 Flaggoners Close, Herefordshire, Breinton, HR7 4TZ
Bridstow Parish Council
Herefordshire, Herefordshire
Brilley Parish Council
Alison Sutton, 7 John Davies Place, Herefordshire, Brilley, HR6 8JD
Brimfield & Little Hereford Group Parish Council
Mrs Karen Yates, The Old Forge House, Herefordshire, Brimfield, WR15 8HF
Brockhampton Group Parish Council
35 Benbow Close, Herefordshire, Brockhampton, WR14 4JJ
Brockhampton with Much Fawley Parish Council
The Bungalow, Herefordshire, Brockhampton, HR1 4TE
Bromyard and Winslow Parish Council
The Old Vicarage, 1 Rowberry Street, Herefordshire, Bromyard, HR7 4DU
Burghill Parish Council
Paulette Scholes, 27 Willow House, Herefordshire, Burghill, HR4 7RE
Burrington Parish Council
Applegarth, Rickford Rise, Herefordshire, Burrington, BS40 7AN