Pendle Council

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Barley-with-Wheatley Booth Parish Council
Barley-with-Wheatley Booth, Pendle, Pendle
Barnoldswick Town Council
Civic Hall, Station Road, Pendle, Barnoldswick, BB18 5NA
Barrowford Parish Council
Holmefield House, Gisburn Road, Pendle, Barrowford, BB9 8ND
Blacko Parish Council
30 Dryden St, Pendle, Blacko, BB12 8TQ
Bracewell and Brogden Parish Meeting
Pendle, Bracewell and Brogden, BB185QQ
Brierfield Parish Council
C/O Brierfield Community Centre, 21 Colne Road, Pendle, Brierfield, BB9 5HW
Colne Parish Council
Virginia House, High Street, Pendle, Colne, PE28 3ND
Earby Parish Council
The Parish Rooms, Victoria Rd, Pendle, Earby, BB18 6US
Foulridge Parish Council
Sue Dickinson, 26 Skipton Old Road, Pendle, Foulridge, BB8 7QA
Goldshaw Booth Parish Council
Jennifer Sutcliffe, Pendle, Goldshaw Booth
Kelbrook and Sough Parish Council
Kelbrook & Sough Village Hall, Dotcliffe Road, Pendle, Kelbrook, BB18 6TQ
Laneshaw Bridge Parish Council
Jackie Peden, Pendle, Laneshaw Bridge
Old Laund Booth Parish Council
Brian Newman, 586 Wheatley Lane Road, Pendle, Fence
Reedley Hallows Parish Council
Mr I Woolstencroft, 43, Lower Mead Drive, Pendle, Reedley Hallows, BB12 0ED
Salterforth Parish Council
Carole Singleton, 6 Beckside, Pendle, Salterforth, BB18 5BL
Trawden Forest Parish Council
Adele Waddington, C/O Trawden Forest Library and Shop, Church Street, Pendle, Trawden, BB8 8RU